Texas Allied Petroleum and the Completion of its Surface Discharge System in Wyoming


Last January 29, 2012, reputable private oil company Texas Allied Petroleum was proud to reveal its plans on the installation of a total of four submersible pumps in Wyoming. This project will be particularly executed in two of Wyoming’s major oil fields – Herrick and Little Laramie fields. According to the company’s speaker, the completion of the assembly of the large scale surface discharge system in these oil fields is now in its final stages. This surface discharge system will be used to increase the production of petroleum out of minimal efforts and expenses. Also, the pumps and the rest of the system are expected to be fully operational by the end of the year. It is much anticipated that this system will deliver significant raise in the company’s gross production.

The submersible pump is basically a device that features a hermetically sealed motor that is close-coupled to the body of the pump. It is often submerged in the fluid to performing pumping operations that will result to relatively efficient form of artificial lift to the hydrocarbon reserves. Unlike jet pumps, a submersible pump is subjected to strong centrifugal forces to produce fluid. Such centrifugal forces are brought by an impeller that has a high rotational speed. With these forces, the petroleum deposits deep down the earth lose their kinetic energy in the diffuser because of the kinetic-to-pressure energy conversion that takes place.

Texas Allied Petroleum was able to come up with the most innovative design of the submersible pump to fit to the specific geographic and atmospheric features of the said oil fields. Through the incomparable expertise of TAP’s technical operations team, the use of four submersible pumps will definitely result to the most efficient means of producing large volume of oil and natural gas. On the other hand, it should be noted that not all companies are authorized to use this method of petroleum extraction and production. Because of TAP’s undeniable excellence in using this sophisticated technology, the local government of Laramie County has granted its operations through this methodology.

Currently, among the main focus of Texas Allied Petroleum is on its assets that are based in various states of the US. Some of these assets are located in Rock Mountain, South Texas Gulf Coast, and several parts of the Mid-Continent regions. Other than that, the company also presently engages in exploration, development, and production of petroleum in Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Louisiana. It is also actively participating in numerous projects in its main office in Austin, Texas.

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